Jefferson Woodworking, LLC, Palm City, Florida - Design, manufacture and installation of furniture-grade cabinetry and architectural woodworking

Jefferson Woodworking, LLC was founded by Mark Jefferson in 1981. Mark grew up in an environment influenced early on by his father, an architect. This environment provided Mark an early exposure to building, and eventually laid the foundation for Mark's career choice as an all-around designer/draftsman/woodworker. In his early career, Mark worked in most phases of general construction, on both residential and commercial projects. Beginning in 1971, he started at the bottom as a general laborer on foundation work, building layout, placing concrete, and as a mason tender laying bricks, block and stone on buildings up to 14 stories in height. He went on to spend time learning framing, post work, sheetrock installation, etc.

Mark eventually began a five-year tutelage with Robert Fox, an accomplished woodworker, boat builder, wood sculptor, and carver. Mark worked initially with Robert as an apprentice/trainee, working with traditional hand tools and methods, on a wide variety of cabinetry/woodwork/carving and shaping projects. He gradually acquired the necessary skills to take a project through design, drawings, estimating, fabrication, finishing, and installation, until the time that Robert declared him as graduated. His teacher/mentor moved back to California, and Mark started his own business with the skills and knowledge obtained during those previous five years.

Mark began the cabinetry/specialty woodworking business initially in a 450sf building, working alone and using traditional hand tools. He eventually hired a helper, working on small cabinetry/woodwork projects that were obtained by referrals. As time passed, and his capabilities increased, the size and complexity of the projects continued to increase as well. Ultimately, the shop size increased to 7,200sf with 13 employees. After a few years of this, Mark decided that a smaller shop with less employees allowed for better control of details, as well as more efficiency and flexibility, and so for about the past 15 years, Jefferson Woodworking has maintained a 4,500sf facility with 6-7 employees who have all been with Mark for years. They have the most modern machinery and equipment and continually strive for improvement as products, supplies and tools are changing regularly.

Jefferson Woodworking, LLC is licensed as Certified General Contractors, allowing them unlimited scope of work, including structural. They have completed many projects in the Bahamas, New York City, different areas of Florida, and are willing to provide work for any location. In general, about 95% of a project is done in their workshop, after an initial site visit to meet, field measure, take photos, and determine the maximum size of pieces that can be shipped, allowing for an efficient process with minimum time needed on-site.

Please call Mark directly at 772-285-4664 or email for inquiries.